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PopupCare™ is a Membership Coverage based Virtual Care Community offering a uniquely designed membership program called PharmacyCare™. Our PharmacyCare™ Experience Program provides $0 access to Virtual Healthcare Services including Urgent Care, Dermatology, Behavioral Counseling and Prescription Drugs when Unexpected Healthcare events arise.

Crafted with the convenience and privacy of your Mobile Phone in mind, our PharmacyCare™ Experience program is powered by our “Virtual Care Experience Team” a group of Pharmacists, Doctors and Community focused Pharmacies. Driven by our passion and fueled by or dedication to redefine the norms of traditional health care, our Membership Coverage Plan provides Peace of Mind Anywhere Anytime. Whether a Young Family, Young Adult or any working class American seeking a better experience to address UnPlanned Healthcare Expenses, We Got You Covered!

The PopupCare Experience

Did You Know?

Care Experience…

The average person will visit a physician’s office 2.7 times a year

Over 90 million people visited an Urgent Care Center in 2018

Care Experience…

37% of Americans take between 1 and 3 prescription
medications every day

Patient issues are able to be resolved during the initial telehealth visit an average of 83 percent of the time

Care Experience…

The average employer-insured worker has an annual deductible of $1,655.

Premiums for family coverage through an employer-sponsored plan have increased 55% from 2007 to 2017.

Care Experience…

45% of uninsured adults cite cost as the primary reason they remain uninsured.

27.5 million people or 8.5% of the US population do not have health insurance.

Care Experience…

7 out of 10 people cite cost as the reason keeping them from seeing a physician.

Cost of Care…

You can expect to pay $80 in out of pocket costs for a routine office visit

You can expect to pay around $200 in out of pocket costs
for an Urgent Care visit

Cost of Care…

You can expect to pay around $100 in out of pocket costs
for a retail clinic visit

Office visits account for on average $43 in lost worker earnings

Care Friction…

You can expect to pay around $45 for a telehealth visit

Your average wait time to see a new physician is 24 days... if you live in a rural area, the wait time jumps to 33 days

Care Friction…

79% of Americans say the cost of prescription medications is unreasonable

Patient issues are able to be resolved during the initial telehealth visit an average of 83 percent of the time

Care Friction…

80 million Americans live in locations in which there is only one physician for every 3500 people.

By 2032 the US will have a shortfall of 122,000 physicians.

Health As An Experience…

There are 6 million visits to a pharmacy every day in the US compared to 2.6 million physician visits

Patients on average see pharmacists 3 to 10 times as
frequently as they see doctors

Health As An Experience…

It’s estimated 7 million people will have an on demand
virtual physician visit in 2018

The most common ailments associated with camping are: weather related (frostbite, heatstroke, dehydration), skin ailments, snake and insect bites, sprains/fractures, and open wounds and cuts


84% of people surveyed said they share because it a way to help them support causes they believe about.

49% of people surveyed share because it allows them to inform others about products they care about.

Seasonal Stats

31.4 million Americans visited a doctor for the flu during the 2017-2018 flu season.

On average 8% of the US population will get the flu in any given flu season.

Seasonal Stats

Americans will incur over $10 million in annual medical costs associated with the flu.

There are over 100 viruses that cause the common cold but only 4 that cause the flu.

Seasonal Stats

Flu virus can only live on your skin for 5 minutes but can live on things like clothes and countertops for you to 48 hours.

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Connecting you
to the people
that matter

Right from the convenience of your MobileCare Hub™ in the palm of your hand, you are connected to our network of Care Experience Doctors and Behavioral Health Counselors. Standing tall behind our virtual care team, is our network of community focused Virtual Pharmacists who are there to help, guide and support you in your PharmacyCare™ journey. Just think, you have direct access to one of the most trusted professionals in healthcare - A Pharmacist - without the friction of chatting across a counter.

Our Pharmacists are there with you as you begin and end your care journey, as they are the last step in the humanization of care, following your care visit.

Connecting you to the people

Powered by Pharmacists
Driven by You

We have made it so much simpler for you to Get Coverage, Get Care and Get Better!

Our members no longer have to drive to the doctors office and then head to the pharmacy for everyday illnesses and conditions which require treatment by a doctor.

PopupCare's™ Membership Coverage based Virtual Care Program provides the care protection every person deserves including access to a Managed Prescription Drug Savings Program.

Say Goodbye to
Waiting Rooms
Clip Boards
Office Germs
Co-Pays & Deductibles
Shopping for Coupons
Counter Lines
Powered by pharmacists
It's all about phamily

It's all about Phamily

Our Membership Coverage Experience Community has been created to harness the values and legacies associated with traditional family units. While traditional families have become smaller over the years, we believe it's time to redefine the traditional family into a PharmacyCare Phamily. Say What? Yes, That’s right...your traditional family is now being reimagined into a CarePhamily™.

Just think; A Membership CarePhamily you can choose, centered around You, but crafted to include up to 5 additional Members whether they be family, loved ones or a friend.

One of our core principles at PopupCare is the gift of coverage sharing and we call this Pay 1 Gift 5. We hope you will join us in considering a membership plan option which allows you to #shareyourcoverage by forming your CarePhamily within our PharmacyCare Phamily.

Our purpose

Our Purpose

At PopupCare, we are committed to providing access to Membership Coverage based Virtual Care for everyday routine care and illnesses. We are driven by our motto of Thinking Bigger - Acting Bolder - Reacting Faster in a fast moving dynamic healthcare marketplace, where everyday working class consumers are facing escalating healthcare and prescription drug cost. We Believe we are poised to make a difference by promoting the Gift of Coverage Sharing.

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