Popup Care

Our Passion is
Our Purpose

We are driven by our passion and fueled by our dreams that access to Virtual Care membership coverage "Shall be Shared & Gifted to 1,000,000" Young Families, College Students and Startup Entrepreneurs through our Pay 1 Gift 5 #ShareYourCoverage Movement. We look forward to proudly recognizing our Pay 1 Gift 5 members. Join us in Giving the Gift of Care Coverage.

Popup Care

Our Beginning

PopupCare crafted in Austin, Texas - is managed by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, technologists, marketers and community focused pharmacists. Building upon the unique skills and experiences of each team member, our diverse team has rallied around a shared vision and passion to help cash conscious consumers secure access to affordable healthcare and prescription drugs.

This is Just the Beginning... So Stay Tuned!

The PopupCare Experience

Our Philosophy

We Believe that expectations amongst everyday healthcare consumers is changing - which is causing us to rethink Traditional Healthcare when it comes to convenience, affordability and experiences. At each stage of our lives, what we need vs what we want is being transformed by new rules and Non-Traditional Healthcare Experiences.

It's our belief, that with the emergence of voice and haptic mobile shaping younger consumer experiences, it's time for an experiential shift in how we deliver healthcare services to consumers.

We believe... MobileCare in the palm of your hand is the future of Healthcare Experiences.

Just Think.. A Digital Health Experience Designed for a Generation to Save a Generation...
Is this Possible? We Believe it's Possible!

Our Values


We Believe every "Person" matters and our coverage sharing community is committed to the Spirit of "Inclusion"


We feel compelled to Gift Care Coverage to those in need

Phamily 1st

We are spreading the values of our Founding Family by forming Virtual CarePhamilys - sponsored by You joined by those you Love to enjoy the benefits of Pay 1 Gift 5

Love for Others

We stretch our hearts each day to show compassion for those less fortunate

Sharing is Caring

We are inspired and guided daily by acts of Coverage Sharing within our Membership Community

Predictable Transparency

We pledge to promote and disclose Prices for Services without a Filter

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