Rx Savings Program

As a Member of our CarePhamily, you are eligible to participate in our Members Only Rx Savings Program. Our program offers guaranteed savings of over 85% off of Retail Pharmacy Cash Drug Prices at our Preferred Pharmacies.

While our network savings are geared towards a large selection of the most common prescription medications, we believe you can save you time and avoid searching for coupons and let us find savings for you.

We also offer a tiered formulary to provide flat prices ($5, $10, $15, $20, $30) for common medications at over 67,000 Retail Pharmacies.

Popup Care

A Managed Prescriptions Drug Savings Program

Powered by Pharmacists

As a member of one of our PhamilyCare Plans, you have access to our National Prescription Drug Savings Program. Our program has been designed with YOU in mind - the direct cash pay customer and your healthcare experiences which result in the need for you to purchase affordable prescription drugs as prescribed by your doctor.


We believe your PharmacyCare experience should not begin and end with the standard question: "Where would you like your Prescription sent?"

We've designed a program which enables you to take charge of your prescription drug purchasing experience Beyond Your Care Visit, all from the convenience and privacy of your Mobile Phone.

We set out with the goal of providing you with a mobile first experience starting with your care visit and ending with your preferred pharmacy experience channel, whether you prefer pick-up from a local pharmacy counter or delivery from our preferred mail pharmacy to any destination in the U.S.

  • COUPONS - "So Passé"
  • MEMBERSHIP CARDS - "So Yesterday"
  • COUNTER WAITING - "So Out of the Way"

Got Principles? You Bet We Do! What sets our approach apart from the many actors in the Discount Card and Coupon Savings space is our Fundamental and Guiding #PopupRxSAVENOW Principles:

  • Member First Savings - Cash Flow is King, Rx Savings are Queen - What we Negotiate & Save, We pass on 100% of the Savings to You. You Save, We Manage!
  • Predictable & Transparent Pricing - Choice and Price Matters - We"ve negotiated "REALLY GOOD PRICES" with our Participating Pharmacies while balancing their need to remain viable as a business. Know Your Price!
  • Shared Value - While striving to offer Value Based Prices, we also believe our Community Pharmacy Partners, with their hardworking Pharmacists, need to be successful to provide you with choice in your community.That"s why we are working tirelessly to manage a program where You, our valued member, and Your PreferredPharmacist are both realizing value and less friction in your PharmacyCare™ Experience.

Get Value, Give Value!

Prescribed Drugs
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Retail Price
PopupCare™ Local
Pharmacy Pickup Price

* Member Prescription Drug Prices and Savings are subject to change with notice depending upon negotiated prices with our Network Pharmacy Partners.

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Rx Credits

Rx Credits are available to apply to drugs in the PDP Rx Featured List.

Your Membership Coverage Plan provides you with access to FREE Rx Credits as a benefit of Your Prescription Drug Plan. Your Rx Credits can be redeemed during the checkout process after selecting a drug on our Rx Featured Drug list.

Rx Order Certificates

From SIMPLIFIED SAVINGS to SIMPLIFIED EXPERIENCES, PopupCare™ has set out to Mobilize your PharmacyCare™ Experience right from the palm of your hand. With a deep distaste for the friction and inconveniences caused by Coupons and Member ID Cards at the Pharmacy Counter, we are introducing a unique Rx Savings Program powered by our proprietary patent pending MobileRxNow™ platform.

From the start of your PharmacyCare Experience, which begins with a Doctor Consultation, to the Final Step of Receiving your Prescription, we have integrated and mobilized services from several key partners within the prescription drug supply chain. While this process has been simplified, the behind the scenes collaborative efforts by our partners to make our uniquely designed PharmacyCare™ Experience possible is to be commended.

Introducing The PopupCare™ Digital Rx Order Certificate:


Step 1 - Get Registered: Register your Preferred Local Pharmacy in your Profile when you Join. We will notify your Preferred Pharmacy about your participation in our program.

Step 2 - Direct Your Prescription: During your Virtual or In-Person Care Visit, if you are issued a Prescription, have your care provider send your prescription electronically to your Preferred Local Pharmacy or our Exclusive Mail Pharmacy.

Step 3 - Standby on Your Mobile Phone: Your Preferred Pharmacy will start to process your Rx Order upon receipt. With our uniquely designed proprietary MobileRx Now™ platform, we will notify you via your Mobile Phone within minutes that you have received an Rx Order from your Doctor and your Preferred Pharmacy. With a simple Tap from your Mobile Phone, you will:

  • Confirm Your Rx Order
  • Confirm Your Member Price
  • Pay Your Rx Order
  • It's that easy!

Step 4 - Experience the Journey: Whether you decided to Pick Up Your Prescription at the Pick-up Counter or Await Your Prescription via Mail Delivery, you are now on a journey to recovery.

We Believe its better to Stand by than Drive by - So, here's to Simplified Experiences!

Ide Your Digital Pharmacy Assistant

Do you enjoy the haggling and time spent searching for Rx Savings Coupons? Well, we didn't, so we've birthed Ide (Pronounced "I-DA") - our Smart Digital Pharmacy Assistant designed to be your shopping assistant. Yes, that's right, Ide aims to give you back your time while delivering Rx Savings right in the palm of your hand.

Ide, our AI Powered Bot, enables you, before and during your care visit, to compare prescription drug prices from the convenience of your mobile phone via Text or Web Chat. Ide can also help you Find a Pharmacy, Pay for your Rx Order and connect you to a Live Pharmacist or Member Xperience Guide.

Ide Chatbot

"Hi, I'm Ide, I'm so excited to take over your Rx Shopping for You - So, let me Help You Save Time and Save Cash while Realizing Rx Savings"

Savings Simplified!

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We believe that our MobileCare based care experience which harnesses the use of cutting edge technology is poised to help eliminate the frustrations associated with seeking care when Unexpected Healthcare Events arise. Tap below to Learn More.

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The PharmacyCare™ Experience program is powered by our “Care Experience Team,” a group of Passionate Experience Centered Pharmacists. Learn how our membership coverage program is uniquely designed for you.


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